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Willie Welch

Willie Welch

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For my husbands art Please Visit

Willie Welch

Mary Welch I’ve been interested in art since I was a child and still find the process of creating art to be the most fascinating journey possible.  When I start, I never know what the outcome will be and when I finish, I seldom know how I got to this place called finished.

The whimsical side of my art comes with the package, I suppose.  I just tend to lean that way and try not to take too many things seriously, realizing I have few answers and those I have are not important.  I just find life way too difficult to express in anything but a whimsical way.  I suppose my art is a sort of pressure release valve for me.

As a child, I started doing humorous cartoon cards for family and friends and have been creating greeting cards ever since.  I found it to be the most loving way to make fun of people who are willing to put up with me. If I like a person, I see them as funny and have a twisted need to let them know that.  There’s no doubt an incredible amount of projection in that…..But it works for me!

I have actually tried doing “real” art (both graphic Levitra art and painting) and plan to get back to it when I grow up.  For now, I find I’m having too much fun to expect that kind of quality from myself.

It is only recently that I  started doing “doodle” design drawings in black & white (influenced by zentangle art) and found them immensely satisfying.  I love taking the patterns I see in nature and putting them into my drawings.  It has given me a sense of “balanced freedom” I find grounding.  That actually sounds too philosophical and rational for me, but it comes close to a feeling I get when I create these designs.

I did my first book illustrating project this year and after the book is published, I may put some of these illustrations on my blog.  I’m also in the process of illustrating a children’s book my sister wrote, which will be loads of fun because the characters are crickets and pigeons, and who can take THAT seriously?

In addition to pen & ink drawings, i plan to eventually put other kinds of whimsical prints and paintings on my site but decided to test the waters with what you see here.  I hope you find them fun and interesting.

Photo taken by: Annie Schilperoort Photography